Friday, February 10, 2012

Concept Helmets

By now many of us have seen Charles Sollars' work on concept helmets for the various NCAA teams. These are just artist renderings obviously but are some impressive work by Charles for various ideas that could be implemented. One of the UGA helmets that has been floating around due to the post had the huge bulldog head stretched across the mass of the helment. Obviously everyone was opposed to this. I found the one below on his Flickr site and thought it was a little better. Before everyone gets up in arms let me say that I'm first and foremost a uniform traditionalist. We're not a gimmick school and I think some schalackings in black jerseys, black helmets, and those wretched Nike Pro Combats have taught us so. The black jerseys are ok, but lets save these for bowl games, etc. if we even want to pull them back out at all. If we are invloved in some sort of Chick-fil-A game or Nike tries to get their hands on us again I wouldn't mind seeing the "flat red" helmet with just the variation in the color. You don't mess with taking the G off the UGA helment, and while silver was worn in the past I say we keep it red at all costs. Red pants on the road is another debate. Below is the UGA rendering, and remember, I don't endorse this helmet. It's different than the one that's been floating around the interwebs.

However he did have some cool ones that could be implemented for other teams. South Carolina's, Vandy's, and Kentucky's I think would be neat for special occassions. aTm also has a pretty good look. You don't touch Bama's uni, but for some sort of historical tradition game a slight houndstooth implementation wouldn't be too bad. I'm all for sticking to the basic symbols, logos, and color schemes, but everyone enjoys throwing around some uniform ideas. Most of the ones from the other SEC schools I saw were too flashy / not reasonable.


  1. That = Grambling....ugly as hell

  2. Agreed. I don't like it. The helmet needs to stay the same. Thoughts on solid white stripe vs. bring black back into it?

  3. No!!! The helmet must remain the same design that Coach Dooley gave us...PERIOD...No black stripes!
    Anything, less or more, than the Dooley design is lacking in honor and tradition!


  4. I have no interest in any of the Pro combat lunacy that Nike is serving up today.

    TRADITION is everything in college athletics!

    Coach Butts gave us the red jersey and silver britches. Tradition!

    Coach Dooley gave us the red helmet that created our identity. Tradition!

    Coach Richt revived the black jersey that dates back to some of our earliest teams. Tradition!

    The only thing we need, as far as apparel is concerned, is the black jersey for occasional home games every season.

    I have a couple of questions for all of the folks who cried over the fact that we got beat, one time, wearing the black shirt. How many games have we lost wearing the red jersey? How many have we lost wearing the white one? Yes, Like it or not, even getting beat, now and then, is part of Tradition!

    Bring back the black jersey, wear it proudly, and don't try to hype it up into something more than it is. A UGA Tradition!

  5. the way, I love the photo that you selected for the wallpaper of GOTTASUPPORTEM BLOG.