Thursday, September 20, 2012

Stop Jabbing Students on Ticket Sales

A number of people have been calling out the students for the student ticket allotment not being filled this weekend. They call out some lack of fervor and talk about back in their day the stands would be filed to the brim.

Please realize the ticket policy has changed. Paper tickets are no longer the norm, and tickets are now issued on ID cards. Students get their tickets allotted prior to the season, and if they turn down the offer of their tickets on game week they get placed back into a ticket pool. Only problem is all the students who know they didn't have tickets for the game have already made their plans since they didn't think they would be in attendance. Why don't they buy the tickets now if their so serious about being in the game. Probably because the ones who wanted to go already have tickets. You think it would be worth their while to wait and hope that tickets go back into the mix? They probably had to reach out and buy a paper one on top of the tickets they were already allotted. It's not their fault that student tickets have been given back and put back up for sale.

It's kind of sad these days that not every student is eligible for tickets. Understandably the student population has grown and there are issues that coincide with this. However, people really should stop criticizing the student body. I guarantee you there are 15,000 students who want to go to each game, and their butts are somewhere in the stadium. It seems funny to me that people who never attended our fine University are able to utilize some family or business ticket lineage and simultaneously take butts out of the seats. Sure sometimes they get there late, but there's also no incentive for some folks to get there an hour early (i.e. frat blocks). They provide the loudest part of our stadium and we should have as many as possible in there.

They should also put them all in one area instead of placing them at opposite ends of the stadium, like the closed endzone (like every other SEC school) to create some real home field advantage crowd noise.

Sure there's issues, but folks should stop chastising the student body about ticket sales for this weekend.


  1. Students have absolutely no problem throwing around cash for everything else in town, $45 for a ticket to a ballgame doesn't seem like too much of a stretch.

  2. ^^ Fuck this guy. $45 is a ton of beer/food if you are in college. Especially since everywhere in town will play the game on TV. The main problem is that UGA allows the athletic department to bend students over and rape them for profits. The only way I used to be able to afford tickets was buying a printed STUDENT ticket... I live in Athens but sure as hell can't afford $50 a pop just to sit in the stadium, even though I would love to. Now they try to maximize profits through this "pool" system... and what do we get? Less excited fans in the stadium.

  3. I agree. Go back to student paper tix, with student IDs.