Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Couple Things I'll be Looking For vs. Ole Miss

Can the Dawgs re-establish a balanced run game, and put to rest the sluggishness of the last three? Sure Gurley had a nice stat line against Florida, but it felt like two nice drives with a bunch of magoo sandwiched in the middle.

Does Jordan Jenkins continue to provide a serious presence the middle of the field? The guy has been quietly making a name for himself this season, and I look for more of the same.

Is there any let down at all after the big win? I think pushing the game to 3:30 will help our cause, as the boys tend to always be a little more fired up for the afternoon games, and you avoid the Jefferson Pilot, then Peachtree TV, and now ESPN noon time curse. The spread is -14 which is probably pretty accurate, but I'd love to see an effort a la Vandy where we dominate from start to finish.

Marshall Morgan making all of his extra points, and hoping there's a great many opportunities.

Probably the finest collection of eye candy in one city this coming Saturday. Ole-Miss and UGA top Clay Travis' rankings as best looking fanbases of the female variety, and Saturday should be no slouch. I of course will not be looking because I'm happily engaged and have no interest in the matter.

Some positive strides in the punt return game. We've been non fair catching and fumbling our way through a great many punt return opportunities this year, and it would be nice to see someone bust a big one and bring some consistency to the mix.

A rocking Sanford crowd. You couldn't ask for a better Saturday in the fall.... 3:30 kick, 74 degrees, and the momentum built from the Florida game. Hopefully the crowd is there early, and the atmosphere reflects another great Saturday in Athens.

Zander Ogletree at fullback. With Merritt Hall being hampered with an injury (who has quietly had a great season) you figure Zander to get the nod at FB for the majority of the game. He served well in his efforts versus Florida, and you hope he can continue to build on this with a positive effort against the Rebels.

Protection of Aaron Murray. The O-Line probably had their best effort to date against the Gators. While we're more talented than Ole Miss, they do have a pretty sound passing defense and Murray will need some time back in the pocket.

GATA Dawgs. See you guys in Sanford on Saturday.


  1. When my wife was asked from a friend if she had a problem with me sometimes looking at another woman, my wife responded: "just because he has a Rembrandt at home, doesn't mean he can't admire the beauty of a Monet, Botticelli or van Gogh."

  2. Just because you've ordered, it doesn't mean you can't re-read the menu.