Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Weekend Lead In - Because You're Bored at Work

There's not a great deal of excitement surrounding the game tomorrow, and we all know no one does any work on Friday afternoon anyway.... therefore here's a few items to keep you entertained.

The best of the Web from the week:

A great piece by Sports Illustrated you may have seen outlining Corch Urban Meyers change to the Ohio State attitude. Mainly highlighted here are the notable changes in the way the offensive lineman are big. Strength and agility not just mass. Also as highlighted by Spencer Hall, Braxton Miller loves Chipotle.

ESPN took an in-depth look at the minute by minute details of the LSU / Bama tea-bagging incident from last year's National Championship game. Long, but a good read. It's a pretty objective take, and one of the first times we've really been able to see into the lives of the two parties involved. I consider myself lucky to have eaten a late night Krystal Chick at the same location.

Look, UGA has some pretty bad roadside fans. However, we are nowhere near the level of the Bammers as evidenced by this video. These people are a different breed and honestly think Alabama football was God's gift to mankind. Things to notice - the bulldog of a wife, her push of her husband, and the fact they couldn't even make it into the stadium.

I like math, and I respect the people who pour the time into posting about football and math, especially the people who aren't paid to do so. I've mentioned DudeYouCrazy a few times, and it's worth noting the articulation he puts into some of his posts, rather than a catchy headline. Here's his look at offensive and defensive rankings neutralized by schedule factors. A developed theory, however strongly backed and pretty interesting.

Betting for the Weekend:

I sort of like Wake Forest +24 versus Notre Dame. I know part of this is merely for rooting interest, but if you've watched ND this fall (I have to sometimes, father in-law is a Golden Domer), you have noticed that regardless of the opponent, they always win by 3-6 points. Exception was Oklahoma where they backdoored a late TD. Wake may not score, but ND may not do much of anything on offense either.

For that matter, if you want some rooting interest for the Dawgs on a lackluster Saturday, why not take action on all the teams the Dawgs need to lose? Three team ten point teasers if you're into that sort of thing?

Wake +34.5 vs. ND
Stanford +30.5 vs. Oregon
Baylor +22 at home versus Kansas State

Some things to watch this weekend:

Obviously we all assume the Dawgs roll, so most of our focus will be on hoping one or more of the undefeateds lose. Last year on this very same weekend Bama vaulted back into the National Title conversation with the losses of Oklahoma State on Thursday followed by the losses of Oregon and Oklahoma. Who knows.

Look for the Dawgs linebacking corps to have a big day.... we all know about JJ29, but I expect to see nice days by some of the other guys like Christian Robinson, Herrera, and Gilliard. If you ever want a day to rack up tackles against a rushing attack, this is the day to do it.

We need ND to lose, no doubt, and assume they're probably the most likely to vs. USC. Pay close attention to the USC game to see if they can bounce back after some poor performances versus UCLA. It will also dictate a great deal about how Oregon will shape up in their conference championship game.

The SEC has a pretty weak slate, but of note is that Florida will be without Jeff Driskell. We'll see if they can distance themselves long enough with Brissett to avoid needing a last minute touchdown return to pull off a victory.

Enjoy the first weekend in a long while where you'll actually get to sit on the couch at night and enjoy some random games. Have a great weekend everybody.

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