Sunday, November 4, 2012

Georgia 37 Ole Miss 10 Recap - Defense Shines Again

I'll preface with the fact that I haven't re-watched the game at this point, so everything is taken from my in stadium perspective as well as what I've read. The best thing about the re-watch is you get to pick up on the little nuances from a different angle, but unfortunately I'll have to keep the DVR stockpiled with this game until later in the week.

Well at least we're sort of where we wanted to be right? One game away from gaining a birth in the Georgia Dome. It hasn't been the prettiest road, but at least we're here. Furthermore, we've got a chance to do some really special things. Saturday's win was another that a was a little shaky at points, but in the end Georgia avoided the "let down" game and played a pretty solid last 3 quarters.

For the second week in a row, the defense excelled. Sure they were aided by some miscues from Ole Miss, but when you're forcing 3+ turnovers a game you have to give some credit to the unit forcing them. On the first Ole Miss touchdown, you could hear the angst in the crowd just as Mark Richt stated. It looked like the standard and feared vanilla effort would ensue. Instead, the defense buckled down and found a way to dictate the tone of the game. We had good pressure in the backfield, and once again I was happy about the attitude that our guys were flying around with.

Damian Swann is turning out to be a heck of a cornerback. I remember when he was recruited he was overshadowed by people with higher "Rivals star" rankings, but he's really continued to develop over these past few weeks. He's exuded the discipline needed to play corner in the SEC. He's not a flashy guy per se, but if you watch him play he rarely misses his tackles or assignments. He was forced to play early due to suspensions and is now a regular starter. He's also displayed the ability to be in the action, as he was a key component in two turnovers this past weekend.

Aaron Murray had another one of those semi quiet - looked over stat line kind of days nationally, but delivered another solid performance. Furthermore, the guy was on his butt for most of the first half. The offensive line certainly didn't build on its best performance of the year versus Florida. Nearly 400 yds, 4 TDs, and 0 picks will usually get the job done. Once again as well he spread the ball to his plethora of receivers for the scores.

The rushing attack of Gurley and Marshall didn't reach the end zone, but Todd had a pretty decent day. He's now closing in on 1,000 yards as he went over 100 for the day. While he didn't score, he had one of those high yardage keep the ball moving on a ton of carries games that makes you believe he's a workhorse back. One of the things this tandem has done so well this year is take care of the football, and unfortunately Marshall put it on the ground.

The fake a la David Greene vs. Auburn was awesome, and Richt seems to bring this play out at the perfect time, simply waiting a couple years for the right moment.

Alec Ogletree's pick was a great display of athleticism. This guy seems to catch a lot of flack for coverage issues, but he was in the right spot on that one as the wounded duck came down to earth. he was also responsible for the safety and played that tackle perfectly.

While he made all of his extra points, Morgan shanked a field goal. Hopefully confidence isn't becoming a factor with this guy because we'll need him at some point (like the Dome).

Tavarres King catches a touchdown pretty much every single game. It's almost a given.

Speaking of touchdowns, Malcolm Mitchell reeled in another long TD pass pretty much just flying by the corner. Seems he's eased back into his role of the big play threat at WR.

Garrison Smith had an impressive day in the opponents backfield for the second week in a row. The guy has a high motor and I love watching him get after it.

Zander Ogltree had a big spot this weekend with Hall being injured and had a nice game finding the end zone. It's good to be hopeful that we can get one yard when we need it with the big guy.

The tight ends made a guest appearance once again with Lynch and Rome both reeling in some nice catches. Seems these guys certainly aren't the main focus of the passing game.

I sat on the North alumni side of the stadium this week, and man was it calm. There's been a lot of banter on the boards after this weekend about stadium atmosphere, and I'll probably post some of my previous write ups on this topic.

In the end I would say it was a "desired result". Sure there were miscues, but the final score and balance we showed in the second half can't really make you mad. It had the potential for a let down game and we even spotted them 10 points, but finished strong. We're one game away from getting back to the Dome which is our ultimate goal every year.

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