Sunday, November 25, 2012

Georgia 42 Georgia Tech 10 - Still Running This State

Saturday showed us more of the same momentum we've been building starting with the dominating performance versus Ole Miss. Since the Florida victory the Dawgs have been displaying balanced offensive efficiency seemingly at will versus our opponents. Granted, they haven't been the toughest, however it's a great deal better than having those dreaded letdowns and lapses a la the Kentucky game.

The Tech game is always awkward, because their offensive style leads to some pretty skewed stats in areas like time of possession, plays, first downs, etc. Tech controlled the ball for nearly two thirds of the game, and actually was able to move the ball pretty well. Just like the Georgia Southern game, these offenses are going to generate some yardage, but once again the Dawgs defense did a great job keeping the Jackets out of the endzone. Their only touchdown came on an ugly defensive series late in the game against our second string defense (who didn't seem to practice much option over the last two weeks).

Alec Ogeltree decided at halftime that he was tired of form tackling, and he would rather start putting Georgia Tech offensive players into the ground like flagpoles. This was kind of the theme for the day. In an early afternoon game when the Dawgs could be looking ahead, it was refreshing to see them come out hitting hard. Even Malcolm Mitchell on his opening kick return decided to knock a UGA assistant out of his shoes. Alec's performance was certainly the most noteworthy on a disciplined day for the defense with his 15 tackles and earth shattering piledriving hits.

Bacarri Rambo also had a nice day creating turnovers with a pick (maybe he should be our deep threat receiver) and the nice fumble / strip return. He even forced a fumble that was recovered by the Jackets.

The entire linebacking corp had a nice day. There were certainly a few missed tackles where we were going for the bit hit, but the gang tackling all in all was pretty good.

Damian Swann after a few nice games struggled a little bit out there on the island in pass defense.

On offense it was another balanced day of attack. 2 touchdowns a piece for Murray, Gurley, and Marshall. Sometimes I still can't believe how much these freshman backs have come in and developed so quickly.

Great to see Rhett McGowan get in on the action with a touchdown.

The tight ends had a nice day, aside from Jay Rome's penalty. Lynch showed his purpose as a possession receiver over the middle, and Rome got in the endzone with a touchdown in the second half.

Marshall Morgan made all of his extra points once again, which is a good sign.

The Dawgs won turnover margin, and didn't cough the ball up themselves which is necessary to keep Tech out of the game. They also scored very quickly, and provided a dominating performance in pretty much three quarters.

The stadium was probably only full for about 15 minutes in the second quarter. It was a tough day to get there on time given the early start and the influx of traffic headed north on 316. Couple this with all the students being home for Thanksgiving. I expected a light crowd, so it was actually nice to see the stadium at full capacity at one point.

Great day for the Dawgs, continuing Richt's domination of Tech. I would be so mad if I was forced to watch that offense for my team. Step one of the journey has been taken care of and it's now time to move on to the next, the Georgia Dome, which is our ultimate goal every year.

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