Monday, November 19, 2012

Georgia 45 Georgia Southern 14 - A Quick Recap

Just like the game was played in an efficient fashion, so to will my recap. Much like Saturday we just want to get through this game and watch a lot of other games that lead to bigger and better things.

Most of the country did not watch this game, and heck some UGA fans couldn't either. Therefore the only thing most people will take a way is the final score, 45-14, and view it as a desired result. They won't see the 7-7 tie or the GA Southern chance to take the lead, etc. While we can always nit-pick those ugly facets of the game like our slow start, the scoreboard reflects a well done effort by the Dawgs.

Aaron Murray, once again, against a weaker opponent, put's up a beautiful stat line that won't raise a lot of eyebrows. 4 TDs, no picks, and he's now become the nation's most efficient passer.

You remember that well thrown ball to TK versus Auburn? People will remember his catch but not peer to far into what a decision / throw it was by Murray. Likewise this week on Conley's TD we saw perfect execution in both the route and the pass. The action behind the line of scrimmage, perfectly thrown/placed ball, and perfectly snapped off route by Conley show the experience Aaron has developed with his receiving corps.

Speaking of Chris Conley, I mentioned last week that he was a "must step-up" guy for the Dawgs with the departure of Marlon Brown via injury. For the second game in a row he delivered, this time with two TDs.

I freaking love Tavrres King. I've said probably 20 times this year that the guy simply goes out and does his job. He's the veteran, and oh how he's delivered. I will re-itterate once again that they guy is good for one touchdown a week, well maybe .727 TDs per game.

I mentioned before the weekend that I looked for Christian Robinson to step up in this game. He had an excellent performance, coming off a nice one against Auburn. He hasn't been gaining a ton of attention this season due to the tackling issues, however he seems to be coming into his discipline at the right time.

Marshall Morgan - 6/6 on XPs. Hey, missed FG, but we're making progress.

Sure Georgia Southern had a few big plays in the run game, but that will happen versus this option attack. Remember, there's not many 20 yd + passes raining down on you so these runs will occur. They had the two bookend touchdows which can't make Grantham happy, but overall I think it was a nice effort put forth by the defense.

JSW86 gets his first TD, and strangely enough it doesn't utilize his speed at all, but his hands.

Mark Richt does get pissed off when you call timeouts with less than a minute to go. TV cameras have to do a better job of picking this up.

We got through the game with a pretty score, and settled back into our recliners, parties, etc. to watch the mayhem occur later in the night. Here's to three more victories on the year (more to come on this obviously)....

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