Friday, November 30, 2012

Saturday is All We've Ever Asked For

Tomorrow, we're going to get the chance to do what I've always hoped for. People ask me what I hope for at the beginning of every season, and my answer is always the same... win the East, get to the Dome, and hope to have a chance to do something greater. For once, the stars have aligned, and we actually have that chance. Many Georgia teams have come to the Dome before, but never with the chance of a prize this great. You have to have all the steps line up perfectly, and for once they have. There have been ugly points along the way this year... a narrow win versus Tennessee, the South Carolina debacle, and the escape at Kentucky, but win tomorrow and you can put those ugly black marks to bed.

I was born in 1986 into a Bulldogs family. I grew up hearing stories about what the good times were like with Herschel and the gang, and got indoctrinated through Larry Munson's voice about what true fandom and devotion were about. It's been a long and tumultuous journey, filled with many ups and downs but I've gotten to see some great years. I was blessed to walk the Athens campus as a student, and the journeys and memories experienced during those years made my devotion to the University concrete. It's the type of fandom that develops where you come to love Saturday in the South and yearn all summer for it.

People don't understand when try to explain what this game means to them if they're not from the Southeast and familiar with the college football fan's plight. The roadtrips, the stories of lore, the tradition. It would be the culmination of so many concocted stories and hopes we've discussed for so long. Look from an X's and O's standpoint the teams are evenly matched. You can scheme X's and O's all day, but the only thing that matters if if the Dawgs show up because you know Bama will. Will it be the perfect ending to so many people who've endured so much.... the fanbase, Mark Richt, Aaron Murray, etc. Who knows? My only prayer is that we give all we have and show up.

My butt will be in the Dome tomorrow, and you can rest assured my butt will be in Miami if we win. Bottom line, I'll be damn proud of my Dawgs either way because we didn't necessarily chose this path, we've chosen to live it good or bad. It's who we are and what we've come to love. I know the players will give all they have, and the DawgNation will rally around them one more time. We believe this is the potential turning point of so many trials. Win or lose, we'll always bleed red and black, and can't think of any other alternatives.

The Tide is going to come out strong, and the obstacle is certainly high that is placed before us. The notion now is simply to go out and get the job done.

GATA, DawgsOnTop, Hunker Down, and let's do this thing one more time.

Go Dawgs and see you guys in the Dome tomorrow.


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  1. Love it!!! GO DAWGS!!!

    Born in 1978 in Chicago, blessed to have gone to UGA (class of '05), Southerner for life and gun totin' Libertarian!