Monday, December 3, 2012

If You Need A Little Motivation for the Capital One Bowl...

Remember this? c/o NBC
 The loss in the Dome still hurts, and we don't need to get into the debate of which bowl we "deserved" to go to. Bottom line is we're headed to Orlando, and from the tone of things it doesn't sound like we're very excited. We still get the opportunity to do something special.

We don't need to go back and recall what a dark place we were in a few years ago. We're making positive strides. Last year as SEC runner up, we were blown out in the Dome. This year we were five yards away from the National Championship. What you may not remember is that the Big-10 runner-up last year came into our bowl to see the Dawgs collapse and give them a victory.

While we're not where we desired to be, we still have the opportunity to improve and end things on a positive note. We've had two very poor performances in our last two bowl games, with the bottom of the cellar loss to UCF and the heartbreaking collapse versus the Spartans last year. This year we once again come in as SEC Runner-Up against the Big-10 runner up. Granted Nebraska is hurting a little bit too, but don't believe for one second coming in and beating them by 40 will be a given. It's another chance to go out and build on a positive result for the future. Much like the momentum gained in the last two Florida victories, the better performance in the Dome this year, it's time to now go and re-establish ourselves as a dominant SEC force when it comes to Bowl season.

At least we get a new opponent in the Capital One right? Who wasn't getting tired of playing Purdue and Wisconsin. Not where we want to be, but still a necessary step for us to go out and accomplish.

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