Thursday, January 3, 2013

Florida Got Exposed in A Perfect Storm Last Night

Florida got taken behind the woodshed last night by a team the rest of the country though they would beat by three touchdowns. I am guilty as well of assuming they'd roll to an easy victory, but know that I look back on the circumstance it's easy to see that this result really isn't that surprising.

For one, Florida got exposed. We'd been forced to buy into the fact that this was a good team pretty much solely due to the fact they were ranked highly at the end of the year. Their defense is good (even though it layed an egg last night, but turnovers didn't help). However let's look at their track record for the year.. Bowling Green took them to the 4th quarter, Lousianna Lafayette had them tied until the final ten seconds, Jacksonville State ended up losing 23-0 but it was a pretty close game for the duration. Their biggest wins came against LSU and S. Carolina. LSU has proven to be an absolutely inept offense which now makes the 14-6 loss versus the Gators, and S. Carolina entered a situational nightmare in the Swamp. Even in the Texas A&M game they faced Johnny Football in only his second game ever, and I think would be blown out if they played A&M again at this point in the year. FSU even played their way out of the Florida loss.

Two, they entered a situational nightmare. As a guy who used to dabble in the betting world, you look for these situations. You have an unmotivated team versus a highly motivated one. A mobile quarterback who has the ability to take over a game. Turnovers and early momentum given to the opponent. An opposing head coach who is very familiar with the program. Couple all this with a team that may not be as good as once perceived, and you have a result like last night.

All this being said, Florida was Georgia's marquee win. In that case I'll assume that when the Dawgs and Gators get together it's going to be a scrap and it was a good win. Florida's not as bad as they were last night, but they may not have been the true top 5 team the nation thought. I try not to buy too much into bowl results where teams aren't really motivated, but maybe our best win wasn't as good as we thought? It's a one game scenario and if UF plays the Cardinals for ten consecutive weeks, they probably win 8-9 of them. In that said one game scenario, you can't be surprised the situational nightmare team comes away with the victory.


  1. I'm praying Muschump gets a contract extension!

  2. all the gator nation is responsible for this debacle. They were so sure of this lopsided affair that they set their team up for failure with all their boasting about a "no contest" before the game was even played. Can you believe that Florida returned over half of the allotted tickets? This was the evidence of over confidence to the max.