Saturday, January 4, 2014

Honest Question: Is the UGA Football Program Stale?

OK, let me cover a few items first before any opinions are jumped to about me. I've been one of the most staunch "Disney" defenders of the Dawgs over Mark Richt's tenure. Mark Richt is going to be the coach of the team next year, so finding the only resolution to our woes being "fire Richt" over the offseason seems a little futile in my opinion. We've endured a pretty tough season, and in no way would I question the heart, energy, or effort shown by the players. Those guys strap on the pads each week while we sit behind our keyboards conjuring up all sorts of opinions. I'm also not one of those guys who says "I'm not going to renew my season tickets because of the return I'm getting on the field".   I purchase season tickets because I love the University of Georgia, love Saturdays in Athens during the fall, and those six or seven home games as well as away games are my favorite days of the year. My time in Athens as a fan before I got there and time as a student will always serve to foster that opinion.

This comes on the heels of the Nebraska loss which of course is going to lead to a negative atmosphere around the program. I realize we had a ton of momentum after the SC & LSU wins, and things took a big downhill turn after all those injuries against Tennessee. It certainly was one of the strangest years in recent memory as far as all the ups (SC, LSU, UT comeback, Florida win, GT comeback, etc.) and all the downs which we don't need to rehash.

My question for everyone at this point is what does the program really have going for it in comparison with our counterparts. What quantifiable unique or distinguishing characteristics does our program have that lead to believing we have positive momentum going forward?

We have been struggling with recruiting. Sure we are landing big classes with some key offensive stars, yet at the same time we seem to have lost the grip on getting the big talent out of Georgia to Athens. A simple review of the in state Rivals rankings over the past few years will show a ton of other schools listed next to the names of the top 10 recruits in lieu of Georgia. You can look along Auburn's defensive line and see tons of young guys who are having an impact that very likely could / should have been Georgia Bulldogs. It appears in a sense, that something has disappeared that made kids want to go to Georgia as their first option.

We have been good, we haven't been great. Some of that we have been so close to. We were five yards short of beating the greatest dynasty of the past 10 years and moving on to a sure fire win against Notre Dame for that ever so elusive National Championship. In 2007, we were one Tennessee loss away over their last 3 games from reaching the SEC title game, beating a 2-loss LSU team, and moving on to the national title game. At the same time, it's been nearly 10 years since we've won an SEC title. We've had some big wins, but we've also had some pretty poor losses. Games like SC 2012, the UCF bowl loss, the Boise State debacle, the Vandy loss this year, the Nebraska loss, etc. have created some negative notions and rightly so within the Georgia fanbase.

We've really struggled on defense and in special teams. We have the bodies out there to get the job done, but the execution schematically has been pretty atrocious. Todd Grantham is an easy place to cast blame, but it appears that he'll be the coach next year. We're consistently giving up 30+ points and in my opinion have lost that junkyard edge we grew accustomed to during the mid 2000s. On special teams we've become a total non-factor in the return game. Punt returns have become a home and prayer that we merely catch the ball, and we certainly know there's little change for a big change. While we can kick the ball pretty consistently even in comparison to programs like Alabama who have struggled in that arena, they still have that sliver of excitement of big special teams return plays that serve to change / threaten the field position battle. We averaged 2.7 yards in punt returns this year. 2.7. This was also hampered by numerous drops, muffed snaps, big returns allowed, etc.

I would also argue that there's very little when the UGA program is looked upon in comparison with other schools that makes us stand out. A staunch defense (Michigan State), a dynamic offense (Auburn), a dynamic stadium environment (LSU), nationally renowned players (Texas A&M), huge recruiting momentum (UCLA, Auburn, etc.), dynamic coach (Bama to Texas Tech on that spectrum) big time bowl wins (Oklahoma, Clemson, etc.), and so on and so forth. While I'd argue we've done great job of protecting the program from embarrassment and downfall on a national stage (Florida, Tennessee) or sanctions (Miami, USC, Penn State, etc.), it seems we're struggling a little bit to push things forward.

Mark Richt is going to be the head coach next year, and Todd Grantham is going to be the defensive coordinator from all assumptions, so I would ask... what can Georgia do to recapture momentum with the resources we have on hand right now?

Some possible resolutions, that could erase these questions quickly.

Win the big game on a national stage. The perfect chance for this would be Clemson in the opener next year. One would assume it will be a nationally televised night game and we'll have tons of eyes on us. We'll also be facing a Clemson team that loses a ton of talent and we should have a better "talent" team on the field and at home nonetheless. It would be a perfect momentum spring board to get things going.

Avoid losing games we shouldn't. We have to get back to a point where when we line up versus Vandy, Nebraksa, etc. there's no question who the better team is after watching the game.

Correct disciplinary / schematic issues. The pitfalls that have hampered us on special teams, relating to penalties, assignment defense, etc. must be corrected. Attention to detail in doing the little things right must be addressed. The mistakes made in these arenas level the playing field when we are playing what we assume to be inferior opponents.

Find a way to recapture recruiting momentum. We've been doing well with skill position players, particularly RBs and QBs, but we have to find a way to get those wardaddies in there on O-Line and on the defensive front that are native to our state and get them believing in where the program is going so they want to be a part of it. Guys like Lorenzo Carter from Norcross would be perfect fits this year, and we need to do everything in our power to get those guys to Athens.

Stadium Atmosphere. Bring Sanford Stadium back to a place that is feared to play in. I've harped on this many times before. We sometimes are tentative to adopt some things that other schools are doing like pumping music into the stadium, but after visiting numerous other college stadiums I think there is a nice balance between a bland atmosphere creation and pumping Sandstorm in constantly. Ticketing procedures have tried to be addressed (Young Alumni program, student tickets, etc.) but there are still strides to be made in the arena. The onus was put on the Sanford crowd during the SC & LSU games this year and the crowd delivered. We have to find a way to make this the norm on a week to week basis.

The lack of a nationally touted dynamic player. Guys like Todd Gurley need to be touted and supported like the big time talents of other schools. Winning games will help to thrust you into the national spotlight, but the program itself needs to make every effort to support these guys as they go through their journeys.

Texas is an interesting case study who is going through a very similar process. They've just let go of their long tenured coach and now struggle a little bit to find the guy they "thought" they could get. It will be interesting to see what steps they can take organically to combat recent momentum gained by their conference counterparts like Baylor or Oklahoma State (who notably lost their bowl games).

Part of me wishes we'd never played that Nebraska game. It would have been nice to exit 2013's hard fought season and move into 2014 with a comeback win where Huston and the defense rose to the occasion for a big win. Nevertheless we went down to a lackluster bowl game and didn't pull out a victory, and therefore are faced with an offseason where organic changes have to be made. In all of this I think there are bright spots for 2014... a powerful offense coming back, defensive talent that needs the right dials turned, an easy schedule where we should be favored versus everyone except Auburn and get some key games at home, etc. It's a good opportunity, and it may be the last for this regime to show what they're made of. Needless to say changes need to be addressed and made during the offseason to show we're taking the right steps to get their. It seems strange that the bar is so high, but in the end I think anything less than an Eastern crown will be an utter disappointment and continuation of things we have seen.

My question is one, do you think the program is stale, and two what changes could be made to stop this trend of negative momentum?

I'll be renewing my season tickets without question, and hoping to see progress and momentum recaptured in 2014. It's a tall task, but it's one we can only hope for.


  1. I can only say that 8-5 is not going to cut it in 2014. I could write a dissertation on why we seem to underachieve some of which would be just opinion. We have 2 games we must win on rhe road, South Carolina and Missouri. Then, as you said, we have to make opponents view coming to Athens as they would view hell. It appears we have the horses to run with anyone in the SEC. The question is, will those horses run in the right direction?

  2. Well spoken, written. Georgia has become stale. The coach and AD will not make any changes. When you follow up 2012 with 8-5 and no improvement in areas of bad improvement, "staff continuity" means "we like average". No coach at Georgia has been challenged to bring a championship to the school. The football coaching staff has no drive, desire to be the best.
    Mark Richt and company will be an 8-10 win team year over year, no championships. But they'll bring in the $$$ for the athletic department. I gave up my tickets 4 or 5 years ago when it became obivious that nothing changes.

  3. Would we think the program stale, if we hadn't become "ACL-U" this year? IF (there's that word) Mitchell, Marshall, Gurley, Scott-Wesley, and Murray (late in the year) hadn't suffered their various injuries, would be an 8-5 2013 season? IF (again) that hail-mary Auburn-game pass had been batted down … ? If If If -- there's nothing we can do about the past, except learn from it. Can UGA coaches coach better? Can those coaches dissect another team's weaknesses and attack those for each and every game? Can UGA players condition better? Can UGA play 60 minutes with intensity and focus from beginning to end of each and every game? Can UGA players discipline themselves to avoid suspensions? IF (yay for that word) the answer is yes, then we'll be fine next year, and the year after, and so forth. IF, on the other hand, the answer is NO to any one or more of those, then change is coming. I, too, will renew my season tickets for 2014. IF I see NO to some of those questions in 2014, I may just stay home in 2015 and watch on TV

  4. Well written....well stated. I think recruitng wise, we are doing well; the state is loaded year in and year out and we cannot sign them all. We will miss on guys each year due to opportunity to play early and lets face it. All of our contemporaries are big time programs....just like UGA.

    Here is my beef. Great coaches evaluate the players and talent they have and scheme ways to make them successful. CTG's first year was a disaster as he forced a complicated scheme on players not recruited for his scheme. Since then, our defense is not junkyard dawg worthy as each year it is our offense carrying a disproportionate amount of the load.

    special teams? It seems like our idea of special teams is to recruit a great kicker ...... we seem to have waived the white flag on special teams with the strategy of lets hope we don't screw this up and do nothing. We had 3 different punt returners against Nebraska...3! Putting Davis back there again after he fumbled was crazy. He has been mistake prone all season. He does not square up to the catch and apparently does not learn his lesson. Very frustrating to see this.

    I am a very loyal supporter of UGA but I am becoming indifferent to this staff......have quit defending Richt as it seems every year we have this same conversation.

  5. Great article, completely agree and yes, the program is in a major rut. Hope Grantham will just simplify the defense and quit trying to show the world what a genius he is. Whatever we were doing on special teams Richt's first 7 years, please bring it back. Attention to detail, the small things that win games, has been missing for 5 or 6 years. More of the same for another season will be more than I can handle.

  6. I don't think it has "become stale," but has been for a long time! Richt's success came mostly in an era where there was little emphasis on high power offenses making our defense look good. Since BvG left, we have never recovered and it has only become harder to play defense in this league. We will never achieve more than we have already. Even Bama has shown that it can be difficult to near impossible to shut some teams down these days. What a defense does have to be able to do is play assignments, make tackles, and not commit stupid mistakes repeatedly. They also have to make a play when it counts. UGA can't seem to instill fundamentals into their players and it is a big problem. Face it, UGA tackling has been atrocious for years! Nothing you do matters if your players can't tackle!

    Mark Richt is a great guy, but I don't think he has the commitment or fire needed to win it all in this league. Do I think his way is the wrong way? I didn't say that, but if you look at the people who have done well it has been because of tireless effort. Saban and Meyer in particular...24/7/365 football. More power to Richt for hiving other priorities in his life, but that will always make him middle of the road in terms of coaching. UGA will always be a team of "almost." We ALMOST got that big time recruit. We ALMOST beat a top 5 team. We ALMOST won the SEC. We ALMOST played for the NC.

    The main question becomes: Who would you replace him with? If it were so easy, everyone would be winning championships! I think as UGA fans you have to decide is having Richt worth a consistently mediocre football team or do you want to roll the dice for more? To expect UGA will ever rise to their expectations is the very definition of insanity.

    Next year the defense will likely be slightly improved, but they will continue to make horrible mistakes in key situations and choke in big games. We will also see how much Aaron Murray really did for this team. Hutson Mason has shown he is hesitant to make tough throws, can't read through a progression, doesn't trust his pocket, and pulls the ball down way too early. He has no ability to extend plays like Murray and will not have the clutch ability of Murray.

    I give up trying to pick who will beat us, but we can suffice to say that 2-3 teams will beat us. We may or may not slip into the SEC Championship game, either way it will be another loss and maybe a Capital One Bowl berth.

  7. I think if we recruit well this year and do the following three things we can be great next year assuming nothing else slips.
    First we have to find a Quarterback. Hutson Mason has done everything but show he is ready to be "The Guy". That position should be wide open this spring. Second, we must correct the awful special teams play. From fumbles, to poor coverage, to no returns, only Marshall Morgan kept us from being a complete disaster in special teams. Finally, we must have a good, consistent offensive line ready to play on game one. We can't wait for two or three games to gel. With the improvements in the defense if we do these three things we can beat everyone we play next season.

    1. I for one believe changes will be made to the defensive coaching staff before next spring . Very well written article . If our defensive woes are corrected we will be fine . The offence will feed off of the energy and will lead the SEC in yards per game.

  8. 54-26 second half of Mark Richt Era now since 2008 with 1 away win in over 7 years and 2 months against teams that season who were a ranked team. That's not even Top 25. Neither is 7-20 vs teams that season who were ranked teams, also since 2008.

    The vols in 2007 ? Waiting for them to lose ?

    They blew us out 2007, 35-14.

    16-13 vs teams that season who were ranked teams 2001-2007, Mark Richt's 1st 7 years. What happened after 2007 ?

    Brian VanGorder left after 2004 season, even before DJ Shockley was our Quarterback. Whatever has happened to us, it happened to us long after Brian VanGorder jumped ship to flounder as a linebackers' coach in Jacksonville, attempt to change Long Winning Traditions at Georgia Southern University, Falcons, Auburn, Jets, Notre Dame. If we were still good in 2005, 2006, and 2007, Brian VanGorder was just simply not here to be the problem that he jumped our ship to have such a long winding road since. I never felt that Brian VanGorder even looked the part on the sidelines.

    Recruiting has not been the issue, either. By all accounts, only Southern California has recruited better than Mark Richt in the Mark Richt Era, Mark Richt averaging the 2nd best average recruiting rankings averaging both and Rivals for these 14 years now. And, if you think recruiting is not important, what would we have had to hang our hats on without all these recruits to pull for ? It sure is not the coaching staffs Mark Richt has trotted out there. It's not that we almost made it to the national championship game against a Notre Dame we clearly run off the field. It's not that Aaron Murray was that great. He lost 17 games. He is a lot better quarterback than Hutson Mason, but he still lost 17 games as our Starting Quarterback. We failed to put pressure on him too, as now we won't on Hutson Mason to produce or be yanked and someone else brought in. Hutson Mason's arm strength against Nebraska was what I was told it was; why I did not see that against Georgie tek, is that Georgie tek has no defense playing in an all cupcake conference.

    18 Losses is not even Top 25 for the current 4-year period.

    # 25 and # 26 current 4 years belongs to Missouri and Southern California, both with one less Loss than we for 67 % Win Percentage while we suffer at 66 % Win Percentage 2010-2013.

    There is no sense in discussing Special Teams all Off-Season again. We had this conversation. We stood our ground, railed against the Special Teams all last year too, and were told flat out no Special Teams' Coach would be assigned. Frankly, it worked fine like this for the 1st half of Mark Richt's career 2001-2007. It quit working after 2007, and now the 2nd half of his career is really nothing short of disaster on Special Teams and on Defense. Would Brian VanGorder have been better than Todd Grantham with his average 35 points against teams who were ranked for the season he played them with his 18 Losses to-date and mounting ? What the hell good does that discussion do us ? He's Notre Dame's coach now, and frankly after he left we did a lot better on defense 2005, 2006, and 2007 than Todd Grantham has done 2010 through next season now we are told.

    1. Please, for the love of all things good, read a grammar book. I don't even care what grade level it is. Never write another comment about UGA football until you have done so.


  9. Simplify the Defense. The NFL talent playing last season sucked on Defense too. The rookies this year were not the issue. It's not recruiting either. We don't know how to line up. Our own players have told us that they are lost out there as to what they are supposed to be doing. It is hard to concentrate when you have a wild man running the sidelines ranting raving screaming yelling waving his arms at you. He does that because he does not know what he is doing, either.

    Why did we return punts and kick-offs 2001-2007 and now, seemingly the approach is to not make the same mistakes we keep on making that keep on costing us games.

    Look, we're a Top 10 All-Time Football Program in Wins.

    Yes, we've wasted some Scholarships on Special Teams. A punter, who does not even play anymore. A long snapper who does not even play any more either. Before that, it was 2 kickers, and 1 of them never kicked for us, so since we wasted a Scholarship on him, too, we let him kick-off.

    Kick-offs. What a disaster. Until JJ Green returned the one against Nebraska to mid-field, it seems like it has been 6 years of not returning kick-offs. And, our kick-offs please. We have an All-America Kicker ? Where was he against Clemson when the timing was off and missed the tying field goal to send it to overtime us the momentum then ? Why can't he kick the ball 10 yards deep in the end zone like the Opponents do to us every time, every week ?

    Our Punter takes too long a procession of moves back there winding up before he punts, and that is the punter's fault ? No. That's coaching.

    If you think all these recruiting classes' rankings are just so much bunk, you will not have a leg to stand on on that either, when you see we have not only the 2nd best average recruiting ranking for the entire Mark Richt Era, but tied for the most NFL Draft Picks with 79.

    The 2014 recruiting class is perhaps Mark Richt's best ever. I love the recruiting of Mark Richt.

    His coaching staffs sucked.

    Florida goes out and hires a great Offensive Coordinator quickly summarily, whether the administration and fans forced it on their coach or not. We trot out our OC interviewing for Georgia Southern University and clearly wanting that job not the $ 575,000 we pay him, and he scores one TD.

    1 TD.

    6 Red Zones.

    1 TD.

    Nice game to stick in your craw all off-season.

    The jury is not still out on Hutson Mason. He had his chance.

    Tentative one guy wrote above in this blog before me.

    Stale ?

    I don't give a rats' behind about stale program. I want to not lose 26 games in 6 seasons.

    That's HORRIBLE.


  10. At one point, Mark Richt was

    .8077 Winning Percentage

    He had an SEC Championship and then 2 SEC Championships.

    Now, we look and Mark Richt is 126-45. That's .73684.

    You know how you do that to .8077 ?

    It takes a LOT of Losses.

    The facts are we are :

    54-26 current 6 years

    80 games

    54 Wins.

    .6750 Win Percentage.

    Offensive Line ?

    What Offensive Line ? We don't and have not recruited Offensive Lines or Defensive Lines in the entire Mark Richt Era.

    I wonder if we even understand that the games are Won or Lost in the Trenches ?

    Not from what I see.

    2002 SEC Championship ? Good Lord, we lost to Florida who was not even a ranked team in the Final Coaches' Poll 2002, and we went 0-13 on 3rd Down Conversions the entire game. That was Ron Zook. That was a horrible Florida team. Besides us, do you know who all else was ranked in the Final Coaches' Poll 2002 besides us in The SEC ?

    # 14 Auburn.

    That's right one other ranked SEC team 2002 Final Coaches' Poll # 14 Auburn.

    That is not a typical SEC year 2002. It is in fact a DOWN YEAR 2002 for The SEC.

    2005, now there is a normal SEC year. We won it right ? Remember DJ Shockley beat # 6 LSU in The SEC Championship Game ? Not like 2002 when we beat 5-Loss Unranked Arkansas, then played 5-Loss FSU in our "BCS Bowl Game."

    Problem with 2005 SEC Championship for Mark Richt ?

    We ended up the # 3 SEC team in EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY POLL, ranked worse than Alabama and ranked worse than LSU, then came Mark Richt in all the Final Polls 2005.

    2 SEC Championships Mark Richt my rear end.

    2007 we got hosed ? Really ? Because we beat # 19 Hawai'i who should not have been ranked at all in our "BCS Bowl" game ? LSU beat all these great teams 2007, and what did we do ? Again mentioned above, we lost to 6-6 South Carolina who did not even play in a damn bowl game 2007.

    We trot ourselves out there year after year losing to crappy football teams, and certainly losing to teams we have no business losing to. Vanderbilt and Nebraska this season come to mind. Those teams do not match up with us.


  11. Expectations ? We have high expectations ?

    No, we don't.

    We are satisfied losing games like that, and look for excuses.

    We have NOT been ranked now 3 of the current 5 years.

    60 % of the time, nowadays we are NOT EVEN RANKED.

    Top 10 All-Time Football Program.

    We are


    100 FBS 1-A teams have a Special Teams' Coach, and we don't.

    Worked before for Mark Richt ?

    When in the freaking hell was that ?

    2007 ?

    You mentioned above almost 10 years since we Won SEC Championship.

    Frankly, it is 10 years if we don't next season and we cannot possibly.

    2005 we did. Sort of. # 3 SEC every final poll, but let's call that SEC 2005 season, ok ?

    2006 no
    2007 no
    2008 no
    2009 no
    2010 no
    2011 no
    2012 no
    2013 no
    2014 no

    Next season when we don't win SEC Championship, it will have been TEN (10) Seasons' ago we did win The SEC Championship.

    Sort of.

    # 3 every poll for 2005, but we BRAG SEC Championship.

    A game is 60 minutes plus over-times if any.

    A season is 14 games.

    We played 13 again.

    When we do play 14, we lose anyway.

    We find a way to lose.

    You say above that you have expectations that you cannot even possibly conjure a guess as to whom it is we will lose to next season.

    No doubt.

    Numb I am too at 26 Losses current 6 years.


  12. Our Quarterbacks in this QB-Centric College Football Game, fumble, are sacked, and throw interceptions. They come to line tentative and look lost. Oh, let's look to the sidelines. Maybe they know what to do. Do I spike it coach ? Uh, no no no. Don't do that. Idiots.

    Nice guys.

    Great role models.

    Wonderful Christians.

    But, bloody freaking idiots.

    We don't know who to play.

    Likely as not, it will be the wrong choice.

    Why do they all do so much better AFTER they leave us these 79 NFL Draft Picks Mark Richt Era, only Southern California can match ?

    We waste talent here.

    I like this blog. It's good.

    It's very overdue.

    For 6 seasons' and now 7 next year, 2nd half Mark Richt's Career here, I have harped on this.

    Renew my seasons' tickets ? We've had seasons' tickets for 57 years.

    I am not giving up on my beloved Georgia Bulldogs, but neither by God am I some diehard poster who thinks Mark Richt is winning The SEC for 2014, nor national championship.

    My entire family graduated from UGA.

    We have valedictorians, plural, in my family.

    I am not them, but I too was Honored Top 5 % of Our Graduating Class at UGA and celebrated with them at Foy Fine Arts Building when I was. Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Beta Kappa.

    SEC Championship 2014 Mark Richt's coaching staff ?

    B.S. Defense, we cannot defend the forward pass. Yes, we have 3 of the top defensive backs coming in next season 2014 in this great recruiting class, Mark Richt's Best. We will either not play them, unmotivated them, or force them to be linebackers with 4-deep there already. It's what we friqin' do.

    And, we will be unable to teach them our complicated system.

    Shoved down their throats.

    Complicated system they will give you quotes to sportswriters who will publish them and you will disregard your heroes' statements that they were lost in the system and did not know what to do.

    Sorry about that.

    Replace him ? Hell no. We are standing pat, continuity.

    Whatever we have been doing that sucks, we will continue.

  13. Special Teams' Coach ?

    98 other college football programs in our Division 1-A FBS have a Special Teams' Coach but because 10 years' ago it worked for Mark Richt to not assign one, he will not.

    No. Not that either.

    Priority. We will have a Priority 2014 on Special Teams.

    Priority. We will have a Priority 2014 on Secondary Play.

    Priority. We will have a Priority 2014 on Fumbles, Interceptions, Sacks.

    Priority. We will have a Priority 2014 on Penalties.

    Then, next season this time, we will all be back here saying we suck on defending the forward pass, get sacked, fumble, throw interceptions, and have the most penalties called on us again, all the while our Special Teams will lose every Loss we have.

    How many losses 2014 ?

    2 away games stick out.

    1 just head-scratching loss no one would possibly guess.

    And, then we will get in over our heads and lose to some team we should lose to anyway.

    Great Year it will be Proclaimed.

    9 wins nearly 4 losses. That is what Mark Richt AVERAGES all 13 seasons.

    9-4. About what Vandy did this season.

    Vandy, mind you.

    Vandy who beat us.

    Mind you.

    Nebraska # 50 team 2013, they beat us and they too are 9-4.

    Who did Vandy or Nebraska beat that is listed in any poll for 2013-2014 ? No one.

    We lost to 2 teams who are not only not ranked, but beat no ranked team all season long.

    We will be 9-4. It's Mark Richt average season all 13 to-date.

    Frankly the last 6 seasons, he has done HORRIBLY.

    9 Wins and MORE than 4 Losses.

    What's that projected on next season ? 9-5 ? We're going to make it to The SEC Championship Game 2014 like we did in 2002 when we played 5-Loss Arkansas ? That's what's in store for us 2014-2015 ?

    Good Lord.

    14-game season. Oh, I don't know who we might play in The SEC Championship Game. I don't know our Bowl Opponent yet. Figure it out. It doesn't matter who those 2 are. 14 games and we Lose 4, or MORE than 4 if we keep up what we've been doing the current 6-year Mark Richt Period.

  14. The question I have is, what happened to us after 2007 ?

    No gentlemen. That is not us who will be great 2014, now is it ? And, the question is what the hell happened to us after 2007 when at that time we had 2 SEC Championships and were 16-13 against teams who were ranked those seasons we played them, that today instead we have no SEC Championships since 2005, are 7-20 since 2008 against teams who were ranked those seasons we played them, and have 1 away win in over 7 years and 2 months against a team who was ranked the season we played them away at their house ?

    Something has happened to us.

    It is pervasive across the board in the 2nd half of Mark Richt's Career here.

  15. Look it’s simple. The university just does not care anymore they will not act unless the revenues go down. Winning means nothing to them anymore. CMR is way past his coaching ability’s and everyone knows this especially the recruits of any value. The sad part is that the fans have given up caring. What other major university would allow this to go on this long?