Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Some Opinions on Kirby

First, let me say that in no way am I insinuating that KS is our leading candidate, an offer has been made, or anything else related to that matter. I'm merely voicing a few thoughts as to some items relating to him.

The one major point I want to emphasize is that to me the argument that Kirby "can't coach" or is a "Saban puppet" is very juvenille at this point. People that know him echo this, but it's also obvious to assume that Alabama is not paying someone $1.35M dollars to sit on the sideline, flap their arms around, and tell players that they are on defense for 3.5 hours every Saturday. Don't trust someone's opinion who only watches Bama from their couch. Does Nick have input on the defense? I'm sure. I don't understand how this affects an opinion on either person one way or the other. I would think that two savvy defensive minds would want to be able to bounce things off of each other. For Kirby not to ask for advice, and for Nick to not ask for implementation would be a waste.

Kirby would be worth the money (let's say $1.5M). I'm not saying this because he's with all certainty the best DC in the country, I'm saying this because we haven't made a splash like this in a long time. Is he one of the top 10? I'm pretty sure it could be assumed so given the talent that comes in to Georgia. To me, it's more of a perception thing. Mark Richt is going to be the coach next year. People who disagree with that want major change. If it's not coming at the head coaching spot, why not go ahead and make the biggest move to secure a perception change of a "stale" Georgia. Is that perception change worth and extra $400K - $500K? I would think at this point UGA would say yes. You would spend that money anyway through the transactional process of replacing a head coach (if you want change). It would be a firm affirmation that the UGA/Richt/ADGM regime has the understanding that we will do what it takes (whether or not it is the right move).

Kirby would no doubt have an impact on the defense and recruiting in a positive manner. As I said before even if he isn't "the best" DC in the nation, people think he is. You better believe that some of the boys in Athens that play defense do too. He's worked at Alabama, would be the highest paid DC in the country, has been around serious NFL talent, the premier program in the country wanted to retain him 4 years ago, and has worked under the best CFB coach of the past 20 years. Does that make him great? Maybe / maybe not, but you can rest assured it would garner him a good bit more respect than his predecessor. The added perception of momentum gain would also help recruits. Plus he's a Georgia native and could sell that angle. I don't care whether he believes it, he just needs to sell it to a 17 year old kid.

I don't know if KS is the best hire. Only time would be able to tell that answer. I do think that he's worth the money if it's offered and he accepted.


  1. Not sure $1.5M will do it as Alabama could certainly match us. And then what do you do about Bobo's pay? He would have to be given a raise to north of $1M or it would be a total insult.

  2. Bobo would certainly get a bump. I honestly have no good answer as to how to handle the Bobo/Kirby dynamic over the next 2-3 years. It's also not enough of a negative to not have them both in Athens. Assuming locked down pieces over 3 years is tough to do. None of us really know what each of those men think their end game is.

  3. Kirby is not a hand puppet but he plays one on the Alabama staff. He was not even present for the selection of HIS defensive line coach. Watch all of the specials about Alabama and see who is coaching the Defensive Backs, it's Nick. Saban has to hire an assistant and giving good ole Kirby the title does not make him the DC. I'd rather have a coach who has done more with less than to take a chance on Kirby who has done what he's done with the best talent in college football. UGA is not Alabama and he better get used to coaching a lot less studs.

  4. It's KIrby Smart! 5 years, $8M. Still trying to work out the buy out. Job had to be listed 3 Days, so hasn't been announced. Per the grapevine.

  5. well if Bulldawg Bill says it, it has to be true!

    1. I DID say, "Per the grapevine!"

  6. Never mind. Jeremy Pruitt for 850K?