Sunday, November 20, 2016

UGA 35 ULL 21 - Nothing to See Here

Scoreboard looks ok, points of the game didn't, but in a season where it seems every game has had some sort of heartache or underwhelming performance let's just be satisfied the game went pretty smoothly.

There's no doubt this wasn't Eason's best performance. All year I've been saying at least he hasn't been putting us in bad spots, well on Saturday he sorta did. A couple throws into traffic, a pick, a missed TD overthrow, and the inability to really push the ball downfield came to bear. Not Jacob's best performance, probably one of his worst, but it least it came at a time when we could afford it.

It was good to see Nick Chubb going over 100 again and getting in the endzone. He still looks a click off from his previous versions, but still showed the ability to bust those big chunks of yardage and tactically make his moves in the hole or versus a defender. One RB who struggled was Michel. He didn't seem to be getting the holes Nick saw, and really didn't have any plays of significance. The fumble also hurt. The rest of the corps served in the role as one would expect.

It's good to see the offense trying to push the ball to Nauta, though at times it seems if it's supposed to go there Jacob locks on a little bit (a la the pick). However he did get in the endzone and continues to emerge as a weapon going forward. Riley Ridley was utilized a little bit like his brother on the designed run, and look to see him increase in versatility as Calvin has been doing at Bama.

And then there's Isaiah McKenzie who had one of his early season reminiscent "I bet you're glad I was a tag along recruit" games. He took the game over in the first quarter. It was good to see, as he'd had some woes in the kicking game in previous weeks. Hopefully that instills the confidence (not the over-confidence) to provide that threat for UGA. Without true form receivers this year, we've had to rely on guys like IMac to get creative wrinkles in the offense.

I thought the defense played pretty well versus a semi-mobile QB. They ballhawked when asked, though some of those throws were awful up into the wind. Still they did what was asked. Davin Bellamy was flying around the field showing his speed and ability to work different levels. Parrish's pick was a nice feat of athleticism.

What wasn't pretty on defense was the late scoring drive in the first half, and some of the drives toward the end of the game. This was reminiscent of some earlier season games (Nichols, etc) where UGA couldn't quite close out the half after a decent performance. Not sure if the mentality changes when the clock nears 0:00 or what, but we have to find a way to execute until we hit the locker room.

Not pretty, but still a W with no catastrophic losses. Now we face Tech and the chance at an 8-4 record. If you ignore what the 8 and the 4 were, or how they looked, you wouldn't be too mad if we beat Tech. Heck it's basically one less game than we've been winning for the last few years. Not satisfactory, but maybe not as bad as you could have seen it going after Vandy. The Tech game will leave the chance for the taste of the offseason to be good or bad, so let's hope the option doesn't throw Kirby any fits.

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